Stephen Green-Armytage


Doing books was a natural progression. “Magazine-length coverage is enough for many subjects, particularly in an age of shrinking attention spans. But there are cases when a subject is large, and it is a shame to handle it superficially. It can be frustrating to be dealing with a theme that deserves book-length treatment, but instead be limited to a few magazine pages.”

Most of Stephen’s books are about creatures. Initially there was a children’s book about a cheerful and energetic Jack Russell Terrier called Dudley. Then there were coffee table picture books on various bizarre ornamental birds, both beautiful and intriguing, and sometimes quite funny. His ‘Extraordinary Pigs’ may not be beautiful, but the subject is surprisingly interesting, and readers are charmed by the piglets. “In most cases, I do all the research and writing myself, though for ‘Extraordinary Leaves,’ Dennis Schrader was the expert who wrote the text and guided me throughout.”

“From time to time, companies would want to make commercial use of pictures they had seen in magazines, and interior designers and their clients would be interested in ordering prints and enlargements. Now this is happening much more frequently with the books, so we hope this website will be useful.”